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shuld I repair my cracked mac screen or get a montior

what shud i do

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If you give us the model no. on the bottom of your MacBook we can tell you how much it would cost for a new screen. It usually is worth it if it is the LCD. It is not very fun to have a "brick" on your desktop with a black screen. Of course if that does not matter for you or if you never use the MB as a portable an external screen won't cost you much and depending on your model and RAM/hard drive could be a usable desktop machine still.

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That depends on if you need your laptop to be portable or not.

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Brief but to the point +


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There's a good Mac repair place that has decent prices here in the N. Cal. area:


Depending on which model, either $400 (13"), $450 (15"), or $550 (17").

It's cheaper to find a large LCD monitor (around $200 for a 24").

It all depends if you really use the laptop away from home.

Good luck.


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i got it fixed from iresq.com thank guys

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