PRA-LX1 Won't power on

Hi, My teenage girl has a Huawei PRA-LX1 (P8 lite 2017) amongst the pile of phones she has killed over the last 18 months! Being in fantastic cosmetic condition I have picked this out to use as a work phone. The problem is she ditched it down a toilet at Alton Towers about 3 days after I bought her it and naturally it hasn’t worked since!

I immediately placed it for weeks in a hot airing cupboard at home in hope of evaporating any water contained within but to no avail.

The phone is completely dead. No response.

When connected to a rapid charger I get a slowly blinking red light - after 3x blinks the phone vibrates once, and the red light blinks no more - but nothing happens. After a short time I get 3 x blinks of the red light again - it vibrates once then nothing happens. 7

This repeats over and over until I get annoyed and give in.

I’m a mech eng so naturally electronics are not my strongest suit! I know my way around a 415v cubicle but not a phone! My gut tells me the battery is destroyed by the water damage however I wanted to ask the opinion of some specialist guys before I proceed! If the problem is terminal I will be going back to the pile of iPhones, Meizus, Samsungs to try and find the next least-inured victim of my teenager!!

Thanks in advance, any pointers would be greatly appreciated!

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