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Phone turned off while charging and won't turn on again

My phone was sitting charging, playing music and had at least 50% charge. An hour later, the screen wouldn’t turn on in response to the home button, power button, or any combination thereof (hard reset/DFU).

To be clear, the phone was just sitting there. It three years old and the battery is at 85% capacity (this is something I checked very recently). The only problems I’ve had with it in the past were when the battery was cold. It has no water damage.

I have an appointment with Apple but I’m afraid they’re going to offer to charge me for a replacement. Any tips?

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Apple said it wasn't the battery, but wanted me to pay for an out-of-warranty replacement. The repair shop around the corner did a slightly more in-depth diagnostic, and said it was the battery controller. They said they could repair it, but it would be expensive micro-soldering work.


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If battery was never replaced in three years time I wouldn’t be surprised if it decided it’s time for retirement. Although I’m sure Apple would be delighted to sell you the latest and greatest of their iPhones I’m quite confident they’ll attempt a battery replacement if you wish so.

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