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Randomly turns off after a short usage


Ive got a iPhone 6S Plus that for the first time randomly shut off.

Hard reset did not work at all, the only solution to this was to unplugg the battery and plugg it back in again.

Then the phone started, but only for half a day.

Ive replaced the battery and it’s still the same thing,

Anyone got any solution to this?

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iPhone turn off and then when you start it what is battery percentage. Does it dry fully ? I think you don’t need to replace battery.

secondly phone work for half day so I don’t think any hardware issue. Other wise phone would not work more than 3 to 5 minutes.

If you have updated any software then revert to old version.

And if you have not update software then restore iPhone with latest ios version. I am certain this is not hardware issue. it has some software related problem.

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It started with 100% since the battery is brand new and has been used for a day or two.

I will try to do a restore and update, thank you!


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