X250 Status Indicator Lights


 After installing an M2/NGFF subcard adapter (requires access to under the motherboard), the red indicator light (dot over the "i" on the back of the display), and the green indicator light on the power button have stopped working.

 The computer powers on, but the subcard produces a "2102: Detection error on SSD2 (M.2)" error. A replacement adapter and cable is enroute to me.

 Other than that, everything is working flawlessly. I've double checked all connections. I've noticed a small connector that shares a cable with the camera connector, and it's seated properly. The camera is also functioning correctly. Nevertheless, I’ve replaced the camera cable, but the issue persists. I've looked in the BIOS to see if I can find anything related to this, but no luck.

 Any ideas on where to look from here? I can't find anything in the service manual.

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