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Can you swap motherboards between two iPhone 6 plus?

Hi, I was wondering if you can swap a motherboard between two iphone 6 plus, the difference between the two models is that one is gold and one is space gray.

I swapped recently a motherboard in a iPhone 4s and that worked perfectly

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Can you swap a motherboard between a iPhone 6 Plus and an iPhone 6s Plus?


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There’s no issue with the logic boards. However, if the logic board was originally programmed to be with a “white” screen, then it will show a black Apple logo on white background during boot. A logic board programmed to a black screen will show a white Apple logo on black background.

You can’t change this but most people don’t even notice this…

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U would have to keep original home buttons though to preserve touchid so u would notice black screen with white home button and vice versa :)


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