Purchased an original 3DS XL with a "Display issue" Trying to repair

So I purchased another 3DS XL from ebay with a "display issue" it turns on blue light stays on and no backlight sound or screen turning on. It also charges as normal.

Here is what I have done so far based on what I have read online:

  • Took it apart and cleaned all contacts and inspected all contacts that are within view - no change
  • Re-seated all ribbon cables - no change
  • removed mother board and tested it in another known working 3DS XL and the board works fine
  • Purchased a new bottom touch screen installed that and still nothing

There is no turning on popping and shutting down. Battery tests at 3.7 V when fully charged

Only thing I can think of is I had a cut right trigger flex cable and replaced it with one from a original 3ds and nothing has changed.

Also there is case damage under above the right trigger so while the hinge still clicks there is a plastic piece which would normally hit against the actual case this plastic piece does come out a little when clicking the hinge to open or close the system. I do not think that has anything to do with it.


Would the cable be causing this?

I have tried using a SD card and testing to see if it was soft modded but nothing comes up on the screen in a recovery mode. Have tried recovery mode as well nothing.

I have checked the upper screen by removing the lid and all cables appear to be intact i have also tried:

  • Looking in the hinge and no tears or damage to upper ribbon cables.
  • Replacing the wifi board with a spare no change in behavior
  • testing display ribbons on top LCD (the tiny ones) all seem to show continuity by beeping

I am at a loss, its not worth a lot to send it out to fix because the shell is in rough shape.

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Someone suggested it could be the upper LCD or the camera and to remove those one at a time to determine the fault from the board. Can the 3DS XL work without one of the screens attached to the board?



And i guess I figured it out. Top screen is bad when you unplug it from the board the 3DS XL powers on so new top screen it is!


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