I'm at loss. No GSM signal.

First of all - hello, it’s my first question here.

I have a problem with my G5 - no signal reception at all, in settings/phone info/network it shows 0dbm 0asu. Before it worked great, but the problem started after replacing fingerprint scanner, screen and USB port in the bottom module.

Since I know the GSM antenna is in the bottom module you attach the battery to, to troubleshoot the problem I’m using the CamPlus module which I know for a fact has working antenna.

Next thing the Internet told me, that some people break off a small tab on PCB that goes into the module, and that’s causing issues with reception. But as seen on provided pictures - it’s in one piece and looks ok…

I have also tried different back (bought used) to no avail. I’m providing some pictures, so maybe someone will spot a problem I couldn’t?

Block Image

Block Image

Block Image

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