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Repair guides for the Samsung J7 Pro. Learn how to repair your Samsung J7 Pro on your own.

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Samsung Galaxy J7 pro - J730GM touch screen not working after update

I’ve tried all options given and still not successful. Now my phone is stuck on the message “ An error has occurred while updating the device software. Use the Emergency recovery function in the Smart Switch PC Software.” Is there anyway of getting out of this screen?

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This might be why.

  1. Your screen has been cracked, multiple times. If so, go to a Phone Repairment Service.
  2. This is a phone, a bit outdated. If so you think it is, you should wait for a further update.
  3. I’m hoping one of those helped. If they didn’t, you should probably look something up.
  4. Hope you have a nice day!

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Also I am very sure looking it up will help.


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