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Repair guides for the Samsung J7 Pro. Learn how to repair your Samsung J7 Pro on your own.

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samsung j7 pro screen problem

If I press the lock screen button or even the screen off button on the assistant menu it turns to black screen(that’s what its suppose to do right?) but when i press the power/lock button again it doesnt open anymore but I can still hear music i was running but the screen is just like black not even turned on. The only way for me to fix this is use the volume down+power button+home button everytime but i need to do it twice otherwise a message saying warning custom os something appears. I recently updated it to android pie. So right now I need to restart my phone everytime i wanna use it

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Hey. The best case scenario,it’s a simple software issue. Are you up to date with Android os?

Id backup any important data ASAP. Pictures,videos,anything important,in case.

now,factory resetting a phone can very likely fix sowtware glitches. My lg g5 would die overnight from a full charge,just sitting there. I factory reset it,and now it lasts hours on screen,and days in standby. It was a software glitch.

it could be a software glitch for you too.

You can go to settings and clear cache. This erases temporary files(like ones that allow apps to launch faster since it saves basic data that loads them etc). This doesn’t erase your important data. It’s like junk files.

You can reset all settings.

erase and reset would be the best guarantee. You can backup everything,and factory reset it. Generally most glitches are resolved. This is the thing that would most likely resolve your issue unless it’s hardware related,or a bug in the os.

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