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Phone is charged but home screen will not appear.

The indicator shows that the phone is 100% charged. Usually the home screen will appear when I hit the button at the bottom of the phone. Ive been having problems with this phone lately. The on/off button on the side is permanently stuck inside the phone. Ive been able to operate it by keeping it on and, when necessary, sticking something thin and sharp into the slot where the button is stuck inside, and pressing on it. That has turned it on or off, but now that and all other buttons are not responding. I would appreciate any suggestions. Thanks in advance!

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U would need to fix the power button if its jammed in and or broken it wont be possible to turn it on without it being fixed.


Thanks. The phone is on and charged, but the home screen that has the icons on it will not come up. All I have is the green battery icon that indicates that the phone is 100% charged. Normally I can hit the button at the bottom of the phone and the home screen comes up, but now none of the buttons are working even though the phone is on and charged.


U have the green battery in the middle of the screen with a black screen around or do u have just the battery symbol at the top of the phone???


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This issue may be fixed if the Galaxy S4 Internal Button Switch is cleaned or replaced. If debris is causing it to be stuck, then it may be that using a can of compressed air would fix the issue. If it appears that it is stuck due to a hardware issue, this switch may need to be replaced.

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