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The Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge+ is the larger variant of the Galaxy S6 Edge smart phone.

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How do you break the OEM adhesive?!

I am working on another S6 Edge Plus for this same person who needs their data off of it (as I have the other one with a button set and the display is known good). However, the last one was clearly worked on before as this untouched phone is nothing short of !&&* to open and I am at a loss for how to do it. I have done it multiple ways as well:

  • 2 suction cups and a hairdryer (1 generic/1 tearing original iFixit)
  • iFixit suction cup with a hairdryer
  • Generic suction cup and a hairdryer

When I had trouble the last time, I got my tools together and had to think of a way way in. The new way in I devised was the dual suction cup method that didn’t work. I have sent an eMail about the old suction cup so that may be my way in, but if even that fails, what is needed to open a untouched S6? I hate working on Samsungs and refuse to buy them new (but I’ll take a cheap/free used one), but they are what these people seem to like so I can’t control that part.

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Hot plate is the best way.... However the plastic film that comes at the back of iPhone screens cover that in lots of isopropyl alcohol and use that to get between the glass and the screen just keep dipping it into to the alcohol :) the alcohol loosens the adhesive the film is thin enough to fit in there starting from the corners.


@c9679 I don't think that's the issue. I mentioned what I've used as a "heat gun" for quite some time in @douthatm's answer in the comments, but I also suspect the old suction cup is too weak for these newer devices.

I don't have a reason to buy a hot plate since I don't deal with these nightmare devices enough to justify it. Not opposed to a heatgun of some kind when money permits, but the client isn't in a rush on this one and understands the situation.


Well my method which is not recommended I use a thin strong flexible plastic card and a razor blade +isopropyl alcohol.

I use the blade to slowly soak the adhesive and cut it but it takes quite a bit of time. Once there is enough gap to slide the card in use alcohol on that card and slowly work the way through the adhesive.

And if possible always have replacement back glass on hand.

Edit: edge plus has way too much adhesive for the back glass compared to any other model.


@benjamen50 I warned the owner with their first one I opened I'll probably break it knowing how much Samsung loves to use absurdly strong double sided tape, plus I don't need to worry about having glass ready as much in this case.

I told them to look at an S8 or newer because I don't like what I've seen so far (~4 attempts with few viable donors) even though I hate Samsung, but they prefer them so I told them to find an older one that's factory unlocked used just in case, but I'll see what I can find and they can also look as well. I see it as more of a compromise solution.

I'm being careful with this one so I can either get around the fact I broke it on the charge port phone that's repairable (but only with a donor due to cost) or if I get to keep both phones, 1 will have a matching IMEI# and the other being a non-match because it was a non-match when they bought it and it will never match again since breaking the 2nd back it's been through - I'll need to note the true IMEI on that 2nd phone and be prepared to explain why if I ever get grilled.


@nick 2 ways to remove it and loosen the glue,

1, temperature hot or cold to loosen the adhesive and pry it off all the way around, I've never found a suction cup that would ever lift it whole u would need to go around the edges separating it from the back.

2, chemicals, isopropyl somehow getting that on the adhesive itself to get it to loosen up again u would need to go around the edge, my way is to use a thin bit of plastic, ben uses a plastic card and razor blade... whichever method works best for u :)


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Maybe hair dryer doesn’t get it hot enough and you need an iOpener?

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I'm using a Conair 1875. It got hot enough to do a LG G4 data recovery since the board needed to be reflowed.


I'm new to the cell phone repair so don't know how heat from you hair dryer compares to a heat "gun" or something like the iOpener. I used to use a heat gun on shrinkable tubing whereas a hair dryer didn't put out enough heat.


This is what I use. The one I used is the older 2013 revision, but it's the same hairdryer.

It's basically a detuned heatgun in a way since I've used it for this for years - but apparently Samsung either uses adhesive it cannot remove or my legacy suction cup isn't going to cut it. I was having issues with my primary browser on this system, so it took me a few days to get back to you and find it. I'll know soon though.


This answer didn't do it, but I need to accept something.


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