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replaced the charging port now phone wont turn on but flashlight does

Just replaced my charging port on my iphone 6, now my phone wont power on but when plugged in the flash light turns on and stays on until the battery is drained it wont connect to itunes no DFU mode or recovery mode, just wondering if anyone else has had this problem and managed to figure it out. Thanks

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That is indeed odd.

If you can, re-install the original charge port to see if the phone still has the same behaviour. You may have a bad/defective replacement charge port. If the original does the same and the phone worked fine before the repair, then you may have accidentally damaged something during the repair. Double check your work, especially the connectors and the surrounding area. Look for physical damage, debris or missing components (they are tiny!).

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Will do and check back in, kinda scared i shorted something by accident


cant try the original port as it completley died out but ill go check the work and see if any little pieces came off with my magnifixing lens


Long screw damage???

What was the original problem with the phone to require trying a charging port? Was there a problem with the port itself or could it have been something else? What was the battery condition when u started the repair ie flat or charged?


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