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The Lenovo Ideapad 110S-11IBY was released in September 2016 by Lenovo.

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Flashing pop up from windows 10. Can I reset it or recover it . ..

I keep getting a windows 10 pop up flashuing a million times. I vant use it. Can i do a restore or reset , or what ,and how?

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What kind of popup is it? What does it say? I suggest you should find something on the web that relates to the popup that you are getting; iFixIt can help you out as a side associate. Try to provide as much info as possible.


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Are you able to access the windows menu? If so, tap restart while holding the shift key. This will get you to the advanced options menu. From there choose troubleshoot > reset this pc > keep files (erases all 3rd party software) or remove everything (starts you from scratch). You can also follow this guide:

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