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Repairing the ribbon cables

So my iPhone has had issues with the screen coming out of the phone itself, but that’s not the problem here. I was walking down some stairs and the phone slipped out of my hand, the screen coming entirely out, ripping 3 of the 4 cables holding the two parts together (see photo)

Block Image

Block Image

Block Image

The four cables are the LCD, the Digitizer, and 2 other ones I’m unaware of. As you can probably tell, I’m not all that experienced in phone repairs.

I looked into buying a screen replacement, but those only come with 2 of the 4 needed cables. I’ve searched and searched and come here as a final plea for help.

Thanks, Jude.

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4 cables are:-

Digitizer - top horizontal flex

LCD - second horizontal flex

Front camera/earpiece - third horizontal flex

Long home button flex - vertical flex by the power

I cant tell from ur pics which one u still have intact lol but if u take the screen apart then u should be able to tell by seeing what still plugs in…

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Sorry, the pictures aren't the best quality because they were taken from my laptop camera. Only 1 cable is in tact, so I figured I may as well replace them all.


Just check the one that's intact where it plugs in


Or just buy a screen with all the parts and just transfer ur original home button and keep the remaining flex as a spare :)


Do you know where I can get a screen with all the parts?


This i think has all the parts apart from the home button flex which u have to transfer over in order to keep touchid working

iPhone 6 Screen


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