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Repair guides and support for your Samsung TV.

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The television on it wont turn on and read light keeps flashing

Am using a Samsung 51 in television and the model number is PS51E450A1W when I turn it on it wont and the light indicator below keeps flashing some times it display for few seconds when turned on and goes of after some seconds hoping this info will help for me to get a solution

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The Essential Toolkit

The most helpful tools in our most compact kit.

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jeffmarin9000  remove the back from your TV and check things based on the

First Checklist for Troubleshooting

1) Check the various cable connections first.

• Check to see if there is a burnt or damaged cable.

• Check to see if there is a disconnected or loose cable connection.

• Check to see if the cables are connected according to the connection diagram.

2) Check the power input to the Main Board.

3) How to distinguish if the problem is caused by Main board or Logic Board.

No Video : If the problem is No Video but Logic Board is on and Indication LED is blinking repeatedly and

faster than normal booting, replace the Logic board.

• Distorted Picture : Check the inner patterns.

Inner pattern Picture Problem

OK NG Main Board

NG NG Main or LVDS cable or Logic Board or Panel.

• How to check inner pattern?

a. Factory mode

b. Move to SVC menu.

c. Move to Test Pattern.

d. Check inner patterns. (This model only support FBE, READ PRE, READ POST)

Post some good pictures of your power board etc. and let us see what your boards look like.

Of course since this is a Plasma TV there are more boards than previously suggested.

Block Image

Adding images to an existing question

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i have already replaced the main board and the power supply havent tried the logic board yet for once i thought the new power supply was bad i think its the logic board thats the problem i will definitely replace it and give you the feedback


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This is Usually caused by bad capacitors, open the TV up and check the power board to see if there are some visually bad capacitors. if nothing looks off you could test the capacitors with a multimeter. You can replace the bad ones or you can replace the whole board. most tv’s have three boards there will be a TCON, mainboard and a power supply. sometimes the mainboard and power supply are together.

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