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ear speaker not working

I just finished front screen replacement. It was cracked and ear speaker was intermittent.

New screen came with speaker but it still does not work. ear buds work. battery was dead and is charging now. at 21% phone seem to work fine as far as emails,texts. have not tried phone or hard reset, waiting until full charge. So far real happy with new screen. Is there a switch that is bad or something that can be replaced that will allow speaker to work?

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Have you tried reconnecting the connectors from the screen to the logic board? If you have, I'd make sure that the pins on the motherboard side of the connector are all intact and if the pins on the speaker are making contact with the front camera/speaker/sensor assembly.

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Thank you for input Nicholas, the phone works with ear buds and external speaker but is stuck in earphone mode, I think it may have gotten wet in phone jack. Tried all the cleaning and reset suggestions. The front and rear camera is working also. So I just ordered a new headphone jack/charging port assembly hoping that will fix problem. Kind of fun knowing repairs can be done outside of the apple magic!


Perhaps if you replace the headphone jack it would start working? Has the phone ever been near water / steam to cause anything inside the phone to get wet?


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