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2.26 or 2.4 GHz / White plastic unibody enclosure

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External Optic drive player

I have a mid 2010 13 inch Macbook Uni-body model (not a Pro model) running Sierra my internal CD/DVD player is down.I found the part on iFixit but, I want to know if there is a 3rd party external unit that will by- pass the 'Do not Recognize" message that comes up with a Apple Super Drive. I have read about a Terminal command but, it may only apply to older operating system ie: Snow Leopard, Maverick etc: and I am leery of doing anything in Terminal since it might screw up the whole system unless there is a undo command included.

This is the Terminal command I found but is it a general command to by-pass internal unit or only for older operating systems ?

"Open a terminal window and type the following command:

sudo nvram boot-args=“mbasd=1"

Enter your password and then reboot - the drive should work.

Note: you need to be a computer administrator and you need a password for this to work."

Update (06/06/2019)

I have had the Genius Bar plug in their Super Drive and it is not recognized because I have a internal optic drive. So my question was is there a external brand out there that is just a plug and play ? Or is there an over ride method of Apple’s Super Drive ?

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Unless there’s still modern applications Apple develops that need an Apple blessed drive, I have not seen or heard of that problem with 3rd party units in years since it was changed in iLife ‘08 to allow for 3rd party drive support (this was because of the release of the MBA, since these didn’t have an internal drive Apple could bless for iDVD direct burn support).

Since it hasn’t been a problem for at least 12 years, it sounds like you’re running a legacy application from that time period when this was a real problem. I’m also thinking it may be a 3rd party app if it cares about blessed by Apple firmware on a machine that’s way too new for it to matter with 1st party programs.

Post a screenshot of the error and program that’s giving you this error. I haven’t heard of this issue with 3rd party drives in years. Adding images to an existing question

Update (6/7/19)

@artistcain Any other 3rd party drive will work if you need an external for whatever reason you need it. You can’t use the Apple drive as that was originally designed for the MBA, but is rMBP compatible (as you just learned), but any 3rd party drive is fair game in Mac OS. There may be a handful that don’t work, but that’s the exception; NOT the rule. If you’re concerned about the handful of bad drives, buy the one I’ve vetted (Revision shouldn’t matter) or from a place with a solid return policy. If the one you get is Lightscribe ready, it won't hurt compatibility -it will work as if it doesn’t have it, but you probably won’t see the Lightscribe function being useful. The discs are price gouged and the software requires compromising system security since SIP needs to be disabled. HP stopped supporting it in ~2013.

I use this with my 2011 13” Pro running High Sierra and it behaves perfectly fine: MRX-650LE V7 (Non Lightscribe) and it’s made by Memorex. If the drive goes out you need to replace the unit as the USB port is integrated to the PCB, so baby the drive.

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