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The Samsung Galaxy Note 4 is a cellular smartphone that was released in October 2014. The Galaxy Note 4 Model Number is SM-N910, SM-N910A, SM-N910T, SM-N910V, or SM-N910R4 for American variants.

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My galaxy note4 is completwly unresponsive...Help

My Samsung note 4 one day starting intermediately working and it didn't work sometimes, then it starting showing errors like couldn't do normal boot and yesterday I had my phone at 4% and I turned it off. An hour later when I tried plugging it in it wasn't working, I tried taking out the battery for a few hours and even overnight and nothing fixed it, I hope someone can give me a fix for it because my phone is so important to me.

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if it hasnt been dropped or water damaged, First check the Battery. Replace. Im thinking its the original battery that came with phone or an old replacement battery. start here

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Hey Chris, I have 3 batteries and I tested with all of them and it still doesn’t workr


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