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How to restore OSX from time machine backup on 10.5.8?

Hi, so my mac is running 10.5 because I had to restore it because of some issues. I made a time machine backup of another Mac running El Capitan hoping to restore from it. I recently found out that command r doesn’t work on 10.5. How can I restore my Mac from that backup without recovery mode.

p.s I know I could get a Snow Leopard cd and update from there, but I am trying to save myself 20 dollars.

Thanks in advance!

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You have to be running the same system or higher to restore from a Time Machine backup.


Go to the the other machine and make sure it has a download of the OS X you need on it. You are going to connect them via Firewire and set uo Target Mode by booting your machine holding down the T key on start up. Then boot the other machine. Your hard drive icon should show up on the desktop. You can now ins tall the system on it.

To be sure this will work we need to know if your machine is even capable of running this system. Go here and enter your serial number from the back of the machine and tell us exactly which machine you have.

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Ok. Is there any other way to do upgrade without the cd?


Get a USB to SATA adapter, remove your drive and hook it up to the other machine and either duplicate the system or install a system from the other machine. You do not need to buy a CD.


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