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MacBook Pro models with 13" displays

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How to tell if MacBook Pro LED fuse is bad or screen

I am trying to repair my macbook pro. I bought this knowing that the LVDS cable was cut, I replaced it and I have no backlight now. I understand that it could be the fuse or the LEd screen, I am wondering if there is any way to tell which it is without taking it to a computer shop? Thank you for your help.

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its most likely the backlighting fuse, or its possible that the LED driver may have taken damage when the cable was broke.

The quick way to tell is boot the machine, and hold a flashlight up to the apple logo on back of the display housing. If you see an apple logo, good news. You have video, but no backlight.

If you can find a local place that repairs computers to the component level its an easy fix. If you can give me the serial number off the logic board I can tell you where they can find it and replace it.


hey trent you got the right numbers. You clearly have video information, what's missing is backlight. The most likely cause is the backlighting fuse, but the LED driver also could have issues. I can post where it is from a photo on this site, however, Scott D told me that I could direct you to my email in situations where what I need to give you isn't something they want posted publicly. if you checkout my profile you can find the email.

unfortunately you pretty much have two options:

1. replace the logic board..you are looking for: LOGIC BOARD 820-2530-A

here is a link to one I found on ebay at a reputable dealer. http://cgi.ebay.com/APPLE-MACBOOK-PRO-A1...

2. find a shop that does component level repair on mac's and they can fix it. You will most likely pay the cost of a liquid spill, but this will warranty the item and assure any other area's affected are fixed. However, depending where you are from you may be able to find a computer repair show that would replace the fuse for you for under $100

3. Attempt to fix the board yourself.

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Thank you for your reply Josh. When I hold the flashlight to the screen I do see video. I am looking on the logic board and the only serial numbers I see are attached to the memory module. They are "W89450JWR6GCA K24 2.26G BETTER EMC NO: 2326"


Are the LED backlit screen and the backlit keys run off of the same fuse? Because when I was playing around with the computer today I got the keyboard to come on, but no light on the screen still, I was just wondering if maybe I had a loose connection somewhere?it was when I was putting the camera, wifi, bluetooth cable back in, I was pushing it in near the cd drive and the backlight on the keyboard came on.


did you ever solve this problem Trent? don't mean to resurrect the thread but there is not much context on the issue, thanks.


has any one solved the problem?


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Your problem extends very far from the average persons repair. Your backlight problem is controlled by a tiny chip called a WLED driver it is a Quad Flat No Leads chip or QFN which is very difficult to solder onto the board. Of course the best option is a logic board repair service or whole new mobo. I have soldered 3 and only did it right once. But now we are talking component level repairs :)

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