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A followup to the LG V10 smartphone, similar to the LG G5, released on September 29, 2016. The LG V20 can be distinguished by the model numbers F800, H910, H918, H990 DS Dual, H990N Dual, H990T, LS997, US996, and VS995. It is available in titan, pink, or silver with 32/64 GB of storage.

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Why does my screen not turn on

So my V20 screen does not turn on when i try to all it does is vibrate but when i take the battery out and plug the phone in it starts vibrating a lot then while its on the charger i put the battery in and the screen lights up with a battery with a ? Mark on it. What do I do to make my phone work ?

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@eweyant9 from what you describe it sounds like your phone cannot detect the battery. It could be related to either the battery, the charging circuit or the contacts to the battery. Start by replacing the battery and using the proper charger.

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