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Repair Guide and replacement screen for LG Q6

Hello all,

I’m looking at an LG Q6 for a friend. The LG Q6 needs its screen replaced as it has been smashed. I’m looking to source a replacement screen for the LG Q6 phone. I’m also looking for a repair guide on how to replace the screen on the LG Q6. Any assistance that anyone can offer would be more appreciated.


EB. :)

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EWHB there are not guides yet for the display replacement. Try something like this video for the repair. while you are at it, take lots of pictures. Then, create a guide https://www.ifixit.com/Guide/new for the rest of us.

As in where to purchase, I’d stay away from ebay and Amazon. see if you can find a reputable vendor somewhere else. We do not like to promote businesses whose quality we are not familiar with. It’ll lead to spam etc.

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