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The long-awaited refresh of the popular MacBook Air, featuring Intel's Core i5 processors, an updated Retina Display, and numerous other changes and updates. Released November 7th, 2018.

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Is my MacBook completely dead?

I plugged my new MacBook Air into the MagSafe charger, it was not charging properly, it kept chiming on and off so I assumed the charger was broken. When I came back the MacBook itself was completely dead, the trackpad won’t click and it won’t turn on or even show the no battery sign anymore

I’m worried that I have fried the logic board with high voltage, it’s completely dead.

How can I retrieve my files ??

A similar situation happened to me with another MacBook so I’m wondering if is the voltage/plugs in my house ???

Could it be that it’s so dead it doesn’t have a sign but I could use a new charger tomorrow ??

I’m very stuck as you can tell!! And would appreciate any opinions!

Thanks x

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If its still under warranty I would go to an Apple Store to get it serviced

As far as your house: I do recommend you get an electrician to come in to check your outlets are properly wired. You could get a simple go - no go tester from the local hardware store like this one 3-Wire Outlet Tester to do a quick test of your outlets.

Often times mis-wired outlets can cause issues when the ground is not properly connected. I’ve seen outlets just with the two active wires connected and the ground wasn’t connected at all! The other issue is within your breaker panel and the connection to ground. This is where a copper water pipe leaving your house is used. or one or more grounding rods are pushed into the ground in the cellar that act as the ground point. Make sure the ground line is not corroded up on the rod and the rod/s are in good shape.

The reason this is important is when you have a lighting strike near by the voltage spike can get into your system via the outlet either directly or indirectly via a network or other device that’s plugged into your Mac.

I do recommend getting a good surge suppressor or better yet a UPS. These help in protecting your equipment from power line surges and dropouts as well as lighting strikes.

You might want to get from your power provider a logging power meter so your power coming to your house can be checked. Its a free service you want to have it for at least a mouth.

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If its under warranty bring it to Apple, if not more than likely if its completely fried, unfortunantly if your motherboard is fried due to a voltage issue your SSD is probably not salvageable due to the nature of how it stores information. Compared to a traditional HDD which stores your information as sectors on a magnetic platter, while an SSD stores your information randomly as bites on each individual chip - as a SSD runs as a chiplet with multiple chips storing your information, if the SSD has failed 100% that information is not salvageable without professional support through clean rooms, which require special equipment.

Because your computer is a macbook they all come with the newer M.2 MVME ssd’s (as far as I am aware) that run hot and have a relatively high failure rate if not cooled properly

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Sam Grey - Take the time to review the guides! The MacBook's is very different than the older Macbook Pro. There is no removable drive MacBook Air 13" Retina 2018 Teardown


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