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Repair guides for cameras by the Japanese manufacturer Fujifilm.

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Can not advance film in fugi camra vary hard

How to repair. Fugi camra film does not advance with manually

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You didn’t indicate the condition of the camera before your tried using the film advance lever , whether it resisted or moved without doing anything.

Did you just load the camera? Most manual 35 mm cameras have a small button that is depressed to rewind the film, which disengages the advance mechanism. Once depressed it won’t re-engage the advance until the film door is opened and closed again.

Is there any tension on the rewind lever? If not, the camera is either empty or the film isn’t engaging the take up spindle.

If there is tension on the rewind lever, there’s film inside. What does the counter say? Is it slightly above 12, 24 or 36? This happens normally when you reach the end of a roll. The advance lever will move part of a turn once, and then bind.

If both the advance and rewind are manual, the camera can jam when the user tries to forcibly advance the film when the shutter has not fired, or when the user tightened the film by winding back the film until it was stretched tight between the canister spool and take up spindle. These can jam the mechanism. It can sometimes be freed by going into a dark room and popping open the back, then immediately closing it. The counter will reset to zero, but the film should be able to be advanced or rewound.

It can happen when a camera with film in it was exposed to excessive heat and humidity over a long period of time while stored. (Any non-air conditioned space.) I have seen this with old 35 mm cameras, where the owners try to remove the film years after the last time the camera was used and stored in a closet.

Try the normal procedure for rewinding the film to replace it.

If it won’t rewind and you have valuable photos inside, take it to a real camera store (not a store that just accepts film for processing) and have them try to remove the film in a darkroom. They may be able to salvage the photos on the take up spindle,

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