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Riding mowers built for K-Mart by MTD and Murray.

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Need the deck belt number it’s a 42 inch cut 16HP riding mower

Need belt number it’s a 42 inch cut with a 16 hp motor

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Hello, please look in the cavity below the tilting seat - should be a plate/decal with mfgr's name and FULL model # along with a serial number. Post back with the model #


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Brandon Pickell K-Gro was an MTD mower made for K-mart. The belt should be the same as for an MTD deck. Going by the year most likely a 954-0485. If you still have the old belt use a tape measure and measure the length of the belt. If it is around 97 inches you know that it will fit. If it is 100 inches and 1/2 wide the belt will be a 954-05021

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