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Why is my phone not turning on

So my phone was working perfect until my charger broke and it it completely died I got a new charger and it showed it was charging for a few second then my screen went black and I can’t even hard reset or connnect to apple iTunes so I got the battery replaced it turned right on with the new battery but it wouldn’t charge the guy said I needed a new charging port so a month later I went back and got the charging port fixed too now it still won’t do anything and I had it plugged in over night with an apple charger please help my phone is barely over a year old

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Google ‘iPhone Tristar issues’. That’ll give you some answers :)


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It sounds like the charing circuit may have been damaged because the phone works when you have a fully charged battery installed. Was the charger you owned or replaced it with an Apple original? Low quality chargers can damage the charge circuit.

You could try a new charge port but IMO you have a logic board issue. This can be repaired but you will need to find a shop that does micro-soldering repairs.

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