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Home button failed after opening up but no repair carried out

So i opened up an iphone 7, used a hair dryer to loosen then a pry tool gently to open bottom left, then lifted it open with my fingers. It had original seal but opened easy enough.

Once opening, i couldn’t carry out any repairs, as the y screwdriver i had been provided was too big.

so i closed the phone back up. upon restart, no touch ID, and no home button. WTH… ??

Any ideas how this can be? The home button wasn’t touched or disconnected in any way, either at the screen end or the main board end. there’s no damage to the cables at all. the protective plates that hide the connectors were not even removed.

There’s no signs of damage to any of the visible ribbon cables, or the back of the home button. nothing was inseted into the phone, once the bottom corner was lifted, the rest was done by hand. The only thing i can think of is that the extention cable (the one attached to the screen itself) has either been damaged (even though theres no signs) or the connector has manged to disconnect from the mainboard whilst still under the metal plate?

can literally just putting the slightest amount of tension on the ribbon whilst lifting the from off do this? or the heat from the hair dryer?

Any info would be much appreciated.



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@adambuzz14 That's exactly what @refectio answered to your question. Hitting the button "answer accepted" would be a kind gesture that doesn't cost anything :)


@arbaman so much for kind gestures ;>).


Whats the problem?


@refectio That's exactly what I thought when I got notified ;)


You essentially took the essence of my answer, bundled it into your own (which was originally a comment) and then selected it it as the solution. @arbaman even pointed it out to you 3 days ago. That's not cool.


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Update in case anybody else finds themselves with a similar problem.

It was, as is the case with many, the home button extension cable that is part of the screen assembly. I can honestly say, this ribbon was never pulled or had any stress applied to it, and it still manged to get damaged whilst just opening the phone, never mind removing the cables or screen.

ive worked on many devices in the past from phones, to pcs and TVs and can honesty say I’ve never ran into such delicate ribbon cables. Apple clearly don’t want DIY daves and independent shops fixing their products.

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The iPhone 7/8 series have a very inconvenient bend on the Home Button flex. It’s really easy to tear the flex, either near the logic board connector or at the 90 degree bend before it sneaks underneath the LCD heat shield. You have to be careful when you lift the screen off the first time but also anytime the flexes are connected and you have the device open.

You will need to carefully inspect the flex to see if there is any damage. Magnification here will help.  Look for tears to the flex or any physical signs of damage. You should also check the connector to insure none of the pins are damage or that there isn’t any debris.

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May I ask how many times you happened to damage home button flex cables to the extent return to home function or touch ID were not available anymore ?


Hi @arbaman ...are you asking me or the OP? When I started working on the iPhone 7, I damaged several flexes before I finally figured out a (near) failsafe technique. I have also repaired several phones that had been through another shop first and had "mysterious" TouchID issues ;>).

This is very similar to all the pry damage phones during the 5S heyday, LSD issues (5S/6) and backlight filters on the 6S. Every series of device has its peculiarities.


Hi @refectio, I was asking you, not the OP. You know I'm the curious kind =:)


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