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Got a new Tcon board but now getting an error.

I recently had my picture go out on my Sony XBR 900E TV. After some research it seemed the reason was a bad Tcon board. I made sure I got the right model and that the new board had the same ID number as the old one. Well after instalation, when I turned the TV on I no longer even have the back light tun on and the LED blinks green and red. I put the old board back in and it tuned on as normal but still no picture. So my situation is: Old card has sound and black light but no picture. New card has no backlight and blinking LED. Did I just get a bad new card, or am I missing something here?

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hi t-con board KF464 sharp Tv The problem of getting too hot


The feed section t-con gets a bit hot, but the sound is good only after 40 to 50 minutes the tv turns off


hi Do you have software updates for this model? SHARP TV LC40LE820m


My TV is Sony KDL48W650D. The TV turns on with back light and sound but no display. I thought the fault lies with the main board. For this model, there is no dedicated T-Con as in usual models. The T-con maybe inbuilt with the panel which cannot be accessed. I ordered a used main board and replaced the it. Now the TV cannot power up and red light blinking once every second. When I re-installed the original main board the TV powers up but goes blank after two seconds and the red light blinks 5 times.

I read that for a replaced board, the firmware needs to be updated with firmware from Sony website which I have done. I copied the firmware to a usb drive.

Now without display, how can I update the firmware from the usb drive? Anyone else have this problem?


Hi Tom, I had exactly this problem. Download the new firmware to a USB drive that will light up when there is data transfer so you can see if something is happening. Power off the TV and insert the USB and then do a hard factory reset (Simultaneously press and hold down the Power and volume Down (-) buttons on the TV (not on the remote), and then (while holding the buttons down) plug the AC power cord back in). On my TV when the LED at the front went green you can let go of the power and - button and the process should start. Be aware it can take a long time so be patient. It is a good idea to do it in a dark room so you can see if the USB is lit and doing something. Good luck because my new main board worked for 2 days and then it took 2 months to persuade the retailer it was faulty and due for warranty replacement!


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Sounds like your T-con board is shortening some circuit. It should definitely not prevent the backlight from coming on. I’d try another board, why do you think it is the t-con board that is the issue here. You say you have backlight that means your power board is most likely not the issue. My first suspect would have been the main board

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The no picture but having sound and picture made me think it was a bad Tcon board. Is there a more likely suspect or way to check?


I would have gone with a main board. Since you already have started with the t-con board at least complete that for now then move to the next.


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If you have a green/amber flashing light and no picture at all after installing a new board it means you have to update the firmware because the main board isn’t recognizing the screen. This is easier said than done when you can’t see any menus on the screen so look up instructions on how to do this by USB.

1) You may need to factory reset (hold down Vol- and power switches on the TV and then plug into power, release buttons when you see the green LED).

2) It will take hours because the file is large, do not get impatient and turn it off at the wall because you think nothing is happening.

3) You may need to try it a couple of times. First turning it on at the wall and then inserting USB and then try power on with USB inserted. Or Factory reset and add USB or Factory reset with USB in. I can’t recall which worked for me so try them in turn and each time leave it for hours or overnight. Eventually you will come back to a rebooted TV!

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