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Is the iPad mini 2 Touch Digitizer backwards compatible with Mini 1?

On one of the repair part sites, I found that iPad Mini 1 & 2 are sold together, that marks the question in my mind on if they’re both compatible.

I did a bit of research as of if it works, far as I can tell, Will the LCD from iPad mini 1 work on iPad mini 2?, Vice versa.

But it marks me back to the original question, can I take the glass tough digitizer FROM the iPad Mini 2 (iCloud locked, For parts on eBay) and place it on my Mini 1?

In addition to that question in case the answer is “Yes you can”, will the home button be required to take off? I have a white Mini 2 and a Black Mini 1.

Since Apple does want the money, the serial number of these home buttons is tied to their servers after all.

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Yes, the digitizer is compatible across the mini and the mini 2. The LCD is not, as the mini 2 has a retina display. The home buttons are mechanical in design and do not have Touch ID, so there is no limitation on them.

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Thank you very much! And one last question... can I replace the battery from mini 2 to mini 1?


The mini 2 and mini 3 batteries are interchangeable but not with the mini (1).


Oops, I’m in the process of transferring the screen, is the home button interchangeable across mini 2 and 1?


When the screen is replaced the replacement digitizer should come with a home button preinstalled.

These are soldered on to the screen so if it didn't come with it get the one that does as they are not easily replaceable.


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