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15.6'' convertible Lenovo laptop with 2-in-1 Touchscreen. It can be used in four different ways: Laptop, Stand, Tent or Tablet.

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Laptop hardware between key board and screen fell apart - cant close

My base with the keyboard and the top with the screen came apart and I can not close or keep the laptop open for use properly.  The hardware between the two popped out.

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My right hinge broke and cracked the screen. I still get an image but the touch is intermittent and with the hinge broke the laptop is not secure. What is the part number for the hinges? I ordered: 5H50H91180 certainly hope I ordered right. ALSO where can I find instructions on how to replace and where do I get the necessary tools? Thank you.


Hi @missyspirit

What model laptop have you got??

Is it different to the one you asked a question about an hour or so ago?

Check the answer on that question to find out how to replace the hinges and the parts info from the service manual IF it is a Flex 3 1580


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You will have to replace the hinges on this. Should fix the problem. I have replaced the hinges on one of these for a customer and it was a fairly easy fix. Only problem is finding the hinges for it.

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Regarding HINGES my right hinge broke and cracked my screen, I got the part number from the manual and other helper. They arrived yesterday. They are in a fixed position as if frozen. This does not seem right. So too there were no screws or instructions. Can you help me understand why the hinges are in a permanent frozen position and where to find DETAILED instruction on installing the right hinge??? Since I can still see image on the screen I am not going to fix that until the hinge issue is solved. Thank you in advance for any help you can offer. Cindy


@missyspirit Is this the same laptop as mentioned above?


@b23norris I have a Lenovo Edge 2-1580 80QF0004US

the Lenovo manual shows the hinges but not exactly how to replace them.

also I am very confused as there is a youtube video where the lcd screen is loosened pushed up and out -some wires unplugged (there is no removing back cover and so many inside parts as shown in the manual). I wish I could afford to just hire someone. Appreciate any answers- don'twant to attempt hinges when the new ones are so frozen and I don't know if that is how they work or if I have to do something to loosen them. I should not have piggybacked on someone elses question. that comes from having MS and brain does not work right sometimes. I am sorry for doing that. Cindy


@missyspirit Try this link see if it helps it starts on page 53


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