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looking for real repair software

OK, the phone is sitting on the phone disabled screen. Tried to put into recovery but it acts like the home button isn’t even being pressed. I know the home button works. Dr,fone software says it can fix it. Can it, or if there is other software out there that actually works, what is it? Thanks

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You can use 3UTools but you’ll need to restore the iPhone as it’s already disabled.

Home button doesn’t need to work as you can use the Flash & JB > Multiple flash tab > flash latest firmware and it will auto reboot the iPhone into recovery mode after it downloads the firmware.

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another problem is that the phone will not connect to the computer, but I know the port is good because I can use a wall charger and it charges fine. The dr.fone program will restart it and even download the iOS for it but then when it's time to install they throw up the BUY button, I guess they say they have a trial period but not really. Anyway, I've read many reviews that say the software isn't any good so I really don't want to spend the money as they also say getting a refund in pert near impossible. I run a computer and phone repair store and if I could find some good repair software I wouldn't have a problem purchasing it. Thanks


dr.fone is a scam because if 3utools won't do it dr.fone won't too. Some iPhones are too up to date on the software so you may need to force it into recovery mode with the home button.

Does the phone force shut off with power + home button held for 5-10 seconds?


it's like I said before, I can put the phone to emergency then hit the home button and goes right back to disabled screen. Can use the home button and power button to force a restart but after shutdown I can hold the home button forever it will not come on with the connect to itunes screen in recovery mode. That's why the dr.fone looked good, it said it could detect it and force it into recovery without the use of the home button. It's weird, plugged into the wall with a charger when it gets to the disabled screen you can see the lightning bolt saying it's charging but using the same cable connected to a computer itunes doesn't detect it. But the dr.fone did detect the phone, installed the drivers and showed what model it was and downloaded the ios for it. With the 3utools(looks like an interesting app, thanks) it doesn't detect the phone at all and I reinstalled the drivers, did everything I could think to do but still not detected.


Oh if recovery mode is not working then either another USB port / cable needs to be used.

Worst case another computer has to be used since the PC has borked software / drivers. You can also put the iPhone into DFU mode as well.


yep, pretty much tried all that. I was at the end of my ideas, was looking to pick someone else's


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