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Model A1181: 1.83, 2, 2.1, 2.13, 2.16, 2.2, or 2.4 GHz Core 2 Duo processor

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no backlight, could it be a problem of the motherboard?

Hello, I've a late 2006 macbook and the backlight is not working; first, the problem appeared only when closing and reopening it, and I could solve it turning off the macbook and getting out the battery; now this "solution" doesn't even work.

Apple's technical support says that the problem is in the motherboard, so the only solution is to change the whole motherboard (476 €!!), is it possible? could it be another thing? if it's true, could I change the motherboard myself or is too difficult?

Thanks a lot and sorry for my english :)

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Thanks to all for the answers! My macbook is coming back from the Apple's technical service, so when I have it back I'll try to connect it to an external monitor and I'll tell you. I hope it works!


Hello! I repaired my macbook!!! :D

Like I thought, the problem was the inverter cable, not the motherboard like Apple Technical Service told, and I'm pretty sure they tried to cheat me.

When I opened my macbook I saw clearly that the inverter cable was broken! BROKEN!! So I think they didn't even open my macbook, or they must have seen the broken cable. They will hear me.......

Thanks to all for the answers, I couldn't have done it without you!


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You say <<first, the problem appeared only when closing and reopening it...>>. If you're talking about an intermittent issue with the backlight when closing and reopening the lid then the problem could had been initially a broken inverter cable in the display hinge. This situation, if the cable is not replaced rapidly, could lead to an electric short in the left hinge affecting the backlight system on the logic board. So yes, the Apple tech diagnosis could be right but before replacing the logic board I would try to install an known working inverter cable.

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I disagree with the professionalism of Apple Genuises. Hook it up to an external monitor, if it works then Apples advice is poo poo. Let us know and we can go from there.

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Hello! Finally I bought a cable to connect the laptop to an external monitor works!! Does it means that the problem is not the motherboard but the inverter cable? Should I tell it to Apple so that they can repare it? It seems difficult to do it myself...


it's not that difficult if you follow the steps and take your time. the steps are here. MacBook Core 2 Duo Inverter Cable Replacement


Well, maybe I'll be able to do it...but if it works on an external monitor, the problem has to be the inverter cable, not the logic board, isn't it? I'm reading about people who changed the inverter and it didn't work, so I'm a little bit confused...

Thanks for your pacience!


a main cause for these types of issues is the inverter cable. in the years that i've been repairing Apples i've only ever seen the inverter itself fail once, every other time it was the cable itself. As it works with an external monitor your logic board should be fine. When changing the cable please make sure to look at the connector on the inverter and on the logic board for any damage.


The fact that your computer display video on an external monitor doesn't always mean that the logic board is good. It means that the graphic module chip (GPU) on the logic board is good but the screen lightning system has nothing to do with the GPU so connecting to an external monitor to check a inverter issue is not a IMHO a troubleshooting step for you. First thing you have to do is to replace the inverter cable. If it still doesn't work then the inverter board should be tested. if the inverter board is OK then the problem could be a blown backlight bulb or the logic board. I've seen many machines with damaged logic board caused by a skinned inverter cable that shorted in the display hinge.


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The replacement of the motherboard is not that hard as long as you have a static free workstation and you are REAL cautious when disconnecting the small wired sockets. Here is how to do it:

MacBook Core 2 Duo Logic Board Replacement

Now is there other things that can cause the problem you are having? Yes. But if you talked to Apple and they said it was the motherboard after going through their checks then it is LIKELY that it is your motherboard.

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I just want to add that there are many components that can cause this problem. In my experience this sounds like a pinched cable, but it could be the cable from the the screen to the inverter board or it could be the cable from the inverter board to the main logic board(motherboard in the PC world).

It could also be the inverter board itself and yes it can also be the logic board. I would think the Apple tech would have inspected the cable and noticed any damage but I had a customer once that had the same problem AFTER have her screen replaced by Apple and the cable was not routed properly during installation. I suggest you take it apart and see if you can notice any damage to the cables.

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