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The larger edition of Samsung's tenth flagship Galaxy phone, released in February 2019. Shipped with Android 9.0 (Pie).

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Questionable water seal condition

After carefully cleaning the gap between the screen and the body of my S10+ from dust, I noticed that there is 1-2 mm of adhesive-free space between the glass and the body in some areas, especially the rounded corners (the same thing regards the back of the phone). After this I started to doubt that the adhesive had been properly applied during the assembly. Has anyone had any experience with the S10’s or this kind of issue in particular with the S8-S10? Barometer doesn’t show anything strange, the pressure increases and decreases as it should.

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If it bothers you then go for warranty. The thing is if you can put your nail between housing and backpanel then it not good sign for phones waterproofement. Therefore the adhesive goes around the cover and it's about 2-3mm wide so it should not let the moisture through.

For phone from this shelf I would definitely go for warranty.

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