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Is my phone damaged if the battery caught on fire?


I was replacing the battery on my phone and the white adhesives broke, so I had to slowly pry. However, the plastic prying tool accidentally bent the battery too much and it starting hissing and blowing smoke everywhere. It eventually caught on fire but I was able to quickly push the battery into a fireproof container without doing much harm to the room.

The battery was pushed off the phone within 5 seconds of it catching fire so I was wondering if the logic board or other circuits on the phone was damaged. I put a new battery in and the phone works, but it refuses to get charged above 5 percent.

I have done multiple forced restarts and even tried the on/off automatic time switch, but the battery still refuses to charge above 5 percent.

Henceforth, is the new battery simple malfunctioning or did the temperature of the fire in damage the phone?



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I do not think soo because your phone can run still.


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It’s hard to say for certain because I didn’t see the fire myself but IMHO, I doubt the fire caused any damage based on your description. If the logic board looks charred, then that’s a different discussion and you should add a picture of the board to your question so that we can see it.

You may have a bad replacement battery or you may have damaged the logic board with all the rpying to remove the old battery. Closely inspect the area surrounding the battery connector on the board to see if there is any damage to the connector. You should also measure the voltage of the battery (directly on the battery itself) with a multimeter to see if it is charged up or not.

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It’s either a bad battery or the the heat from the battery messed up the chip that’s responsible for charging the battery.

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