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A 5.5" smartphone by ZTE released September 2015.

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My screen goes black after startup

So I just got my phone back from a friend that had it for about a year

I went to turn it on and everything worked fine right up until after startup

After the logo screens disappear, the screen goes black and I cant see anything. It's not the actual screen because when i hold the power button it shows me the options to power off and whatnot.

I've already tried the hard/factory reset method and it dodnt work.

What else can i do?

It's not a huge deal if theres no fix for this, this phone was just going to be my mp3 player for work but if I cant fix it then I'll just throw it away

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Hi @rojoed3 ,

Did your friend say that they were having any problems using it or whether it had been dropped or gotten wet at all?

If it hadn’t been dropped or gotten wet then you could always try reloading the firmware and see if that resolves the problem, in case the original firmware was corrupted somehow.

I don’t know if this will work or how much it costs as I haven’t got the same model phone to try it.

There may be other sources online that provide the same. Just search for ZTE Max 2 firmware or stock ROM reload or similar to get other results.

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No my friend wasnt using it

I went visit them and it got left there

He said it wasnt left in the heat or anything but it was left in the vehicle for a while


Hi @rojoed3 ,

Without turning it on, can you charge the battery to 100%?

Did you try turning it on with the charger connected and switched on, you didn't say?


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