After my Surface hung itself in the middle of a Video, it wont turn on

I am aware that there are a bunch of similar questions asked.

But all of them lack a follow up on the issue. Basically I had my Surface on the table playing a video. While it was playing that the screen froze up and audio startet to repeat the last tune (it was more of a swooshing sound). It woudnt respond to me hitting CTRL + ALT + Del combination, so I went with holding down the power button until it shut off. Which it did. I didnt think much off it, only until I wanted to turn it back on i noticed a slight click (it sounded like a mooving Arm of an HDD) and then nothing.

I have tried all the possible combinations of powering it back up.

It itsnt in presentation mode and trying to mirror to a different screen.

The lights on the Keyboard light up wenn I press the Power button.

The LED on both the normal charger and Powerdock light up wenn attached.

I basically want to know if it is worth a look inside or if my best option would be the 450€ in a replacement device.

Many regards, and thanks for the future help in advance.

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The same thing happened to me tonight. Ran some updates and installed Roblox for the kids. 1 minute in it froze. Had to hold the power button down to turn it off and will not reboot. The keyboard will light up and go to sleep. When pressing a key it lights back up. Is it booting but no display?

I just verified that it is picking up an IP address too.


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