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After Xperia Z series, Sony has made a new flagship, the Xperia X series. Sony Xperia X Performance was released at Jun, 2016. It was waterproof and has a Snapdragon 820 chipset. Here I use Sony Xperia X Performance Dual F8132 as a model to make videos.

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Can I extract data from a broken motherboard?


I have an Xperia X Performance with the motherboard broken in half. It’s (of course) broken in the slim bit, so that the charging port and LCD is broken off the main part of the board. I gave up as soon as I saw this, but figured I could check here if there’s anyone who have come up with a magical solution for this.

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Has the board been flexed in any way? Is the memory IC intact? If the connector is microUSB AB (Typical Android connector) you can solder a USB cable to the pins and attempt. If it’s USB-C… good luck!

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