pentium dual core t7500 saying revision not supported on laptops

I have a t7500 dual core processor that has a scratch on the side , but I dont believe the scratch is the problem, but whenever i install it on a laptop (i have tried it on three different ones but the other processors work fine ) and boot it to bios (all different versions) it says microde processor microde update failure

revision of processor not supported

i have not used it ever since and put it in a spare mobo

pls help

also I plan on using it if it works to switch it for a t4500 on a latitude e5500 so i could play tanki online with higher fps if the t7500 is fixed which would be better ( the e5500 uses a gma4500m graphics

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Hi @fegelein3290

You can try booting up with the working processor first and try updating the BIOS to the latest version to test out.


thanks augustine I will


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