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On my a c. The Condenseing fan motor is putting voltage on the system

The Condenseing fan motor is putting voltage on the system it's a single phase 1/6 hp 208 to 230 v has a comparator and rotation wires. New motor and comparator with v meter touching the motor casing and ground I am getting 240v when I un plug rotation wiresthe v go away but motor will not turn

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@arthurfrye44 sounds like you are describing a ground fault. what make and model is your AC?


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You're not an electric wizard. Please don't die trying to fix this. 230 volts is powerful and lethal. Sounds as if you procured a general purpose replacement for the dead motor and now it's not going back together correctly. Look up schematic diagrams and connect the dots. If your new motor isn't the same as the old one, it can be made to work with labor and materials. If you mess around too much something will die. Then you will spend more money on it or get shocked or both. Find a schematic reader.

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