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What soft wear is on this iPhone 6?

I was gifted a iphone 6 but when I turned it on I was shocked and puzzled with what I saw. I believe this phone never had IOS installed at the factory because when I click on the “reliability” icon it has an option to check the volume and a chinese song starts playing. i will add a picture for all to see and would appreciate some advice as to how to fix or if its a rare version that I can sale.

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Wow! @toreskey is close that it’s a custom OS, but it certainly is Apple developed.

What you have is what’s called a “dev-fused” iPhone, a kind of prototype used by Apple to develop the hardware and software on the iPhones. Essentially, they’re pre-jailbroken iPhones, pretty cool! Here’s an interesting article about their use in the security research industry:

Maybe new it could’ve been sold for a couple thousand, but the iPhone 6 is pretty old nowadays, so I’m not sure what the market is anymore. You could probably still get a couple hundred bucks from some security researcher for it.

iPhone Wiki has some technical details

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The phone is basically new, my aunt never used it because it is un-usable by a regular person LOL. I tried messing around with it but I cant figure out what any of the apps are for except the reliability one which is to check the functions of the phone like sound ,camera ,touch ect....I plugged it to my computer and nothing is installed on the phone, well nothing that my computer could read because the folder is empty. I dont have any use for it so I would be willing to sell it, are in california by any chance?


@jose408 Haha! Yes it probably is pretty useless unless you're a real tech nerd like me... why don't you shoot me an email, my email's in my profile: @jonaharagon -- I'm not in CA though, Minnesota here.


I emailed you


Looks like you have your answer—-this is an Apple dev phone. What a neat find!


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I believe what you have is a clone. Pretty much means that it’s a Chinese copy of the real Apple iPhone. People unfortunately take designs that they don’t own and make a copy of it. In this case it’s a clone of “Apple iPhone”. Not the real thing, just a copy from some other business in bad practice.

Could even be a custom OS (Android maybe?) / jailbreak combo that someone figured out to put on it which is highly unlikely.

You can also check this by plugging it into iTunes and seeing if iTunes can recognize the device. If it does, you can try a restore but that could be a little risky if you want the phone to not get bricked if the hardware is not compatible with the software.

I’m pretty interested on what iTunes will tell you, so you should give that a try and let me know. You even have Command Line Tools on it which is what I use for web and mobile development at work.

I’m not 100% sure that this is a clone, but I have never seen anything like this allowed by Apple.


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