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Lançado em 3 de março de 2017, o Nintendo Switch é um computador de mão que pode ser jogado na TV ou em qualquer lugar.

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Nintendo Switch not turning on

On a USB Ammeter it displays 0.46A and constantly stays there.

Opened up device and found battery was pretty much flat. Charged it up around 3.7-4.2V and attempted to turn it on with the battery connected once the battery was charged up externally at that voltage.

It still did not turn on and charger still reports 0.46A. No signs of liquid damage on board as inspected under microscope.

I would suspect charging chip but isn’t it supposed to turn on with a charged battery if that was the case and not charge?

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Unfortunately, this is one problem I've never found the fix for and I don't know of anyone that has. I don't think there is a fix for it at this point.


I noticed that BQ24913 (Lower bottom left pins) and the cap next to it becomes shorted to ground when I plug the battery in so I may replace that chip and see how that goes.


Did you use a 3rd party dock? I think that that still happens.


I'm doing this for a client so I would have to ask them whether they did or not.


Did you ever get your Switch working? I am experiencing something similar with mine. It was working fine, but all of a sudden now it will not power up, when I put it in the dock, the dock green light flickers on for a second and then nothing. Battery is 4.2V, power switch is getting power, i have not found any capacitors shorting out, and there is no corrosion, heat issues, etc... Really stumped with this one.


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Do a hard reset. Hold down power and volume Button at the same time. My switch would not turn on I did this and it worked. If it does not work charge it. If it still not working send it in for a repair

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Let it charge overnight. If that fails, replace the P13USB IC. It’s right by the USB-C port. Have seen a good four of five of them with the symptoms you’ve described, and it’s fixed the issue every time.

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Water damage won't turn on

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