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The PlayStation 3 Slim is the second version of the PS3 video game console produced by Sony Computer Entertainment. It was released September 1, 2009.

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PS3 not start after reflow of bluetooth/wifi chip

Hi, my bluetooth was not working so i tryed this tutorial about reflow the bluetooth/wifi chip of a PS3 slim using flux liquid and a hair dryer for the warm air.

After I did it, the ps3 is not starting. When i connect the ps3 to the energy, the red light is on, but it takes some time to get on. Then, when i press the start button, the light get’s green for a second and the cooler starts to rotate, but then, after a second it stops and the light puts off. Then, after some time it puts red again, and puts off again. The start button does not work at this moment. If i dissconnect the ps3 from the energy and connect again it’s the same, i can start the ps3 and the green light and the cooler are on for one second, after that they stops.

Maybe i broke the connector of the powe supply when warming the chip with the hair dryer? the chip is very near of the power supply connector.

Maybe the flux liquid has broken something? i putted too much liquid and it spreaded on the motherboard.

Exists a solution for this?

thank you.

PD: after giving a little more of warm air and mounting the full console now even the red light isn’t putting red when i connect it to the energy…

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it's kind of the risk you take when you try to reflow a chip using a hairdryer and a youtube tutorial. It's likely that you reflowed several nearby chips/components ...


@pollytintop it is possible to know which component is broken? a proffessional whould disscover it and solve it for less than the price of the console? or can i throw it to the garbage?

after giving a little more of warm air and mounting the full console now even the red light isn’t putting red when i connect it to the energy…


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PlayStation 3 Wi-Fi/Bluetooth Board Replacement

$29.99 seems like a bargain to me and might just fix the problem for you if this is the board you have been trying to reflow. The other idea would be to go back and check all of your connections are correct.

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Playstation slim has an onboard chip that takes care of the bluetooth and the wifi. The link you posted is for a original phat model. And thus doesnt apply


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