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The Playstation is Sony's first mass-market game console.

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Can I modify the internal power supply to work on 220v

Hi all,

I bought a Japanese PS1 SPCH-3000 from a local antique shop, and the seller said it's for display only. I bought it from the seller's Instagram page. I didn't turn on the unit since we have 220v/50Hz in my country. I opened it, its bit dusty inside, but nothing is blown off or burned. The label on the case says 100v. Can I modify the internal power supply, so it can work on 220v?



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The best solution here is to use a step down transformer from 220 to 120 Volts Voltage Converter From 220/240 to 110/120 and From 110/120 to 220/240

This is the cheapest way I can think of.

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