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The third iteration of the 10.1 inch Galaxy Tab tablet.

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Galaxy Tab still no working after battery & charging port replacement.

Hi all,

I have a tab 3 that went flat a few weeks ago. I tried to charge it and nothing happened.

I did a bit of searching, tried multiple button combinations but nothing worked. I replaced the charging port first, no change. I then replaced the battery and still it doesn't show any signs of life.

I used a multimeter and confirmed that the charging port is working, I am also using the Samsung travel charger but with a generic cable.

Just wondering if anyone has any further suggestions? Thank you very much.

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Would appreciate any advice/suggestions before I throw it away, cheers


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I would try using the original wall charger and charging cable for this tablet. I have noticed that they seem to be very particular about what charger is being used. It would help if you had a USB ammeter you could connect to the wall charger so you can see what amperage is being read.

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For this model in particular a 2A charger and a decent / good microUSB cable should work fine on this tablet.


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