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Dead iPad after new screen replacement

Hi there,

I followed the beautiful guide here. I replaced the screen. Then I plugged in, and it flickered once and nothing. No iTunes connection. I fear I have shorted with static during the process. Or perhaps the insulation of battery connection step wasn’t perfectly followed by me when I inserted an insulation piece.

What are the next steps if any?

If I have shorted the logic board through bad practice is there a fix?

Thank you in advance!

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If you damaged the logic board there isn’t really a DIY fix, but depending on the problem, someone with microsoldering skills would likely be able to repair the board.

You’d need to find some local expert who can take a look at that for you, or mail it off somewhere where they do that kind of work and hope for the best.

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Unless you work in a high-static environment, I wouldn’t consider that as a problem. Sometimes forgetting to isolate the battery (or doing it improperly) can cause issues with the backlight circuit but even in those instances, the device will still boot and be recognized by iTunes.

So double check your work and take a close look at the connectors, flexes, and the surrounding areas on the logic board and look for debris or damage. I would also try to connect the original screen if it still worked (just cracked) to try and rule out the replacement screen as an issue.

If the issue is not screen related, there isn’t much more you can do from a DIY perspective.

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What probably happened is as you where taking off the old screen you ripped of the cable that connects to the power button so in order to see if that’s the problem then just plug it in and then it should turn on.

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