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Samsung’s Wi-Fi ready, HDMI capable player meant for playing Blu-Rays and DVDs. Model number: BD-F5700.

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usb not being read and comes usb error

my usb has been working perfectly fine before i formatted it into fat32 for using it on a mac after that i reformatted it into ntfs and now my dvd player wont read it and says usb error

i also tried formatting it to exfat and it still gives me the same error

i am able to play other usbs on it except for this one

kindly help me with the issue going on

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Dhanyy dhanish  sounds like an issue with your USB drive. Your player supports the FAT16, FAT32, and NTFS file systems. Your player does not support NTFS compressed files, sparse files, or encrypted files. You can repair or format a USB device on your Desktop PC. (MS-Windows OS only). If that does not work you may consider replacing the drive.

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