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The Lenovo Yoga 710-14IKB was released August 2016. Model name 80V4. 14" touchscreen convertible laptop by Lenovo.

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My touchpad buttons aren't working

Spontaneous. Touchpad is working, but neither left nor right click buttons are. Your help is appreciated!

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Hi @skn344

There is a little chance to repair it by yourself, but you can try to:

First, if the PC is under warranty, skip options to Software solution:

Hardware solution:

  1. Make sure, that wires from Touchpad are corectly plugged in
  2. Also, make sure, that wires are not defective
  3. Make sure, that your motherboard is visually OK, especially around touchpad socket point
  4. Then proceed to software solution

Software solution:

  1. Update mouse/touchpad driver using Lenovo latest drivers
  2. Do factory reset

If the problem still continue, you can do BIOS update, but on the 90%, your touchpad is defective, you can send your laptop to Lenovo Repair Center, or contact some authorized service, or you can replace your touchpad for a new one.


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