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touch screen won't work after using phone for a while


I started this thread a few days ago, but now i'm sure what the problem is.

When I use my iphone, the touch screen suddenly stops working. Mostly after a restart, or when iphone locks after a minute of doing nothing.

If i restore the iphone it works back normal, but after a while it stops back from working.

I tried restoring for a billion times, with the original os, i tried several times with a custom os (jailbroken one),

And it's always the same. (both were ios 4.2.1)

Probably there is something wrong on the logic board i think.

I tried 2 different screens, both same result.

Can i reset the phone on a more effective way than a restore with iTunes?

or does anyone know another solution?

(Sorry for my bad english)

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Have you tried DFU mode?

DFU means Device Firmware Update. If a restore using Recovery Mode doesn't work try DFU Mode as a last resort. Placing your iPhone into DFU Mode means it does not load the OS before attempting the restore.


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