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Touch screen only work after restoring


I have an iphone 3G.

Well the touch screen doesn't work anymore.

I replaced it and it still doesn't work.

Now what i did, was that I put the logic board in another iphone and restored it. and then it worked!

But when I changed the logic board back in my iphone, it isn't working anymore.

I did this 2 times, its really strange,

My first toughts were that connector 2 is broken, but now i'm not shure anymore.

Now i'm thinking that it is a software related problem?

I restored back to original iphone firmware (4.2.1).

Can someone please help me?

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Have you taken your screen (from the non-working phone) and placed it on the one that worked? It may be your "new screen" make sure that you have a 3g and not a 3GS screen


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I already did that and both screen work.

Now yesterday i gave it another try, and i took my phone, pressed in the right upper corner on the screen were the connecter is underneath, and then it worked. but only verry short, after that it didn't work anymore.

then it should be the connector right??

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the strabged thing is just, that u put the logic board in the other phone, tested it, it didn't worked, restored it, and then it did work.

then replaced the logic board back, and then it didn't work.

Strange phone i have :p

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